Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I attended WonderCon in San Francisco this past weekend and preparing a little mini pitch for Zak Goji kept me busy last week.

The Con was great as these sorts of things tend to be for a fan of most things comicky like myself. Met some artists/creators who's work I'm a fan of and bought some latest volumes of their work as well as some other trinkets of geek. Also randomly met one of the founders of a certain apparel site I'm a big fan of (hint: it's linked on this blog) and he bought me a beer and was super cool. It helped that I was wearing one of his shirts. But seriously, a very cool guy.

The main reason I went though was to make some contacts with potential publishers and maybe leave some materials with them. I was able to talk to a few, but most wanted to see some finished pages, as I suspected. But I WAS able to leave materials with a certain publisher whose titles I'm very fond of. I'm not holding my breath though, as I understand the harsh realities of getting a publisher for your first series. Especially the first one you've given anything to. But I will think positve thoughts nonetheless as I believe in the project so strongly. Who knows, maybe they'll bite and at least conact me about it. That would be pretty damn cool for a start.