Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JP here...with a new post! I think about 3 months ago I made the promise that this blog would be updated a lot more frequently. Yeah...that didn't happen. But NOW I promise...just kidding I'm not going to make that promise again. Hopefully we'll keep this updated on a somewhat more regular basis, but it just depends on mine and Matt's respective schedules. Plus I want to make sure there's always something worthy of a posting. I could post 2 or 3 times a day about every inane little thought that pops into my head, but nobody wants that, trust me. I believe that's what Twitter's for anyway...
But back to the posting at hand! And we do in fact have something very post-worthy. Introducing KENT!

Who is he? What's his role in the world of Zak Goji? We'll have to get this comic published for you to find out!
And what's the little device on his wrist? Even I don't know! Perhaps Matt does, since he included it as part of this awesome design. And if he doesn't, well I've already got some ideas. That's the beauty of working with a great artist. Not only do they bring what's in your head to life perfectly, but they also add in stuff that makes the design/character even better!
Oh and the BEST part about this particular design? It means that the bulk of the main character designs are finished for now.
On to the cover and sample pages, and then we can start pitch'n this bastard!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Even MORE spice!

And nothing nice.

These chicas be Gia's clique. It took a little too much time to get these babes drawn up and colored, but here they are!

Only one more character design before the promo pages go up.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She's a spicy one.

JP insisted that I post Gia here after I finished her at, um, 4:00 AM. But besides that, she's definitely a girl with problems. Someone who has everything going for her...and yet has nothing. She is a character that, despite being one you "love to hate," will become a fan favorite.

I present Gia Gann.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What is this Robot Behemoth created by the hand of Man?!

A little piece of concept art, courtesy of yours-truly ;)
This isn't the final design for this character, but I loved how this sketch came out, so I thought to share it!

Codename: MECHA X

Function: Unknown

Pilot: Unknown

Purpose: Enjoy

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sample Script Pages

JP here, sorry it's been a bit since the last posting, but I promise they will be more frequent from here on in. So far we've allowed you to see some of the character designs Matt has completed so far and I thought it would be interesting to post some sample script pages. These are the pages that Matt will be turning into completed pages as part of the pitch we will be sending out to publishers. I think these will both give you another nice preview and taste of the comic, all a little more insight into who these characters are that we've posted designs for and also give you a peek at what a comic book script might look like. I say "might" as this is only one of many different formats that are used in the industry, but it's the one me likey the best. So, I don't know, give it a read already!

Here it be:

Monday, April 13, 2009

How about another fresh, delicious character design?

JP here, Matt's been slaving away to get the character designs done so he can work on the sample pages so we can start pitching this monster, and we thought we'd post another one of his recently completed beauties. We've let you see some of the monsters, we've introduced you to our boy Zak and now it's time to meet one of the ladies of the comic. Who is she and what role will she play? Well that's more of a "lets get the comic published so you can read all about that" kind of thing. But I can tell you that Zak's been working up the nerve to ask her out on a date. Of course he doesn't realize the giant (sorry) changes that are in store for him. Anyway, have a look at Sarah.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Zak character design!

JP here. So far we've gotten a couple of nice examples of Matt's very cool monster designs. But what about our hero, you know the dude who gets all big and has to fight these crazy kaiju? Eh, we'll figure him out later...all we care about is monsters, monsters, monsters! I'm kidding of course. I mean, we do care a great deal about monsters, monsters, monsters, but we most certainly are going to be giving big time love to our main character. It's his story after all and as cool as the monsters and monster fighting action is going to be, our hope is that Zak's story is what keeps you coming back.

So with that, lets have a look at our boy Zak. Below you'll find Matt's character design for Zak Goji. This is for pre gigantified Zak (though for fun Matt suggested that cool pose). Let us know what you think!